Waste Recycling - A New Discussion on the Preparation of Ferrous Sulfate

The preparation of the traditional ferrous sulphate is generally made using the waste material produced during the production of titanium dioxide, and the effective content of the ferrous sulfate product has been unable to meet the modern production needs and will contain heavy metal impurities difficult to remove, thus limiting sulfuric acid The use of ferrous products. Now the use of ferrous sulfate is widely used by more and more attention, and now we are for the preparation of ferrous sulfate solution is mostly taken to dissolve the solid ferrous sulfate prepared from the preparation. But today we have to introduce the experiment to another kind of ferrous sulfate to prepare a new process.
Iron and steel plant production of iron and steel products in the process will produce a lot of sulfuric acid residue, if not effectively harmless treatment will cause a certain degree of environmental pollution. We found that sulfuric acid residue through the experiment can be made ferrous sulfate solution, and the quality of the market than the existing ferrous sulfate products much better. The following by our manufacturers of ferrous sulfate manufacturers for everyone to briefly introduce its preparation method.
This process is divided into two stages: 1, acid leaching stage: Weigh the dry grinding of sulfuric acid residue, a certain temperature, stirring conditions, according to solid-liquid ratio of 1: 3, so that the The iron oxides and CaO, CaS, MgO and Al2O3 in the slag are fully dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid. Leaching to continue the mechanical mixing, and strive to obtain the maximum leaching rate of Fe to increase the ferrous sulfate production. 2, reduction, impurity removal stage: acid leaching solution contains a large number of impurity ions, such as Al3 +, Mg2 +, Fe3 +, with the original iron powder reduction, plus CaO impurity.
Through the above new technology we can get high-quality standard ferrous sulfate solution, its application effect and value and we see the ferrous sulfate is even better. The use of new technology to prepare ferrous sulfate products, we not only get high-quality ferrous sulfate products also eliminates the waste caused by environmental pollution problems, the real realization of the sustainable development of ferrous sulfate production.
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