Will aggregate iron sulfate be used in conjunction with bleach

Whether for industrial wastewater or domestic sewage treatment, polyferric sulfate is often used for wastewater coagulation treatment, and bleaching powder is often used for sterilization. So, these two different effects of commonly used drugs can be used together, will have an impact on its effect?
Polyferric sulfate and bleach can not be used in combination
Most of the wastewater treatment chemicals are not mixed, in addition to the original acid-base difference, will occur in the reaction, but also other redox reactions can occur, so that the nature of two different substances change, Such as polymerization of ferric sulfate and bleach mixed with ferric sulfate and poly aluminum chloride will produce a mixture of hydroxide colloids, loss of polymerization, so that the coagulation effect greatly weakened the same. When the mixture of bleach and poly iron will also occur when the chemical reaction, used in wastewater coagulation treatment, due to the oxidation of bleaching powder to the formation of sludge is oxidized and dispersed, not flocculation effect.
The addition order of polyferric sulfate and bleach
In the normal waste water treatment, in the pretreatment pool or secondary sedimentation tank first put poly iron or aluminum sulfate, ferrous sulfate and other coagulants first coagulation treatment, the suspended particles in the water treatment, while the Part of the water attached to the sludge or suspended matter on the microbes, bacteria removed together. Reduce the resistance of bacteria, bacteria, and bleaching powder, and improve the treatment effect.
Bleaching water as a disinfectant and other applications in the disinfection tank and other secondary sedimentation tank, is the secondary sinking pool or biochemical effluent further deep waste water disinfection treatment, so that the residual water poisonous bacteria in the water sterilization treatment.
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