We should pay attention to the use of ferrous sulfate in water treatment

Ferrous sulphate is known to be used more and more in water treatment due to its good performance and low cost. However, the use of ferrous sulfate in water treatment should pay attention to some matters. Ferric sulfate in the course of the sewage with the PH value of raw water changes will produce a certain precipitation occurs. Ferrous sulfate itself is also a very good treatment of water treatment decolorization flocculation of water treatment agents. Because iron ions in the hydrolysis of ferric hydroxide colloidal solution, and the pollutants in the sewage generated precipitation, in order to achieve the purification of sewage.

Our ferrous sulphate manufacturers technical staff through experiments show that ferrous sulfate at a temperature of 20C when the solubility of 21%. Ferrous sulfate dissociation at the beginning of Fe2 + can only generate simple mononuclear complexes, therefore, as ferric salts as a good coagulation effect. Residue in water Fe2 + will make the treated water with color, when the water color is high, Fe2 + and water color reaction, will produce a darker color is not easy to precipitate the material (but available trivalent iron salt in addition to color). We usually use ferrous sulfate to adjust the ph value of sewage, or with other flocculants used to reduce the cost of sewage treatment, ferrous sulfate in wastewater treatment can really reduce costs.

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