Vehicle Urea is an essential product for trucks

Vehicle urea is a necessary additive for SCR. The engine is through the SCR post-processing technology to meet the national five emission standards, so the car is also essential for the use of urea solution.
Vehicle urea refers to the urea concentration of 32.5% and the solvent is ultra-pure water urea aqueous solution, its raw materials for urea crystals and ultra-pure water.
The trucks that meet the national five emission standards have installed SCR systems on tail gas treatment, which must use urea solutions to treat nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas.
Therefore, the vehicle urea solution is the vehicle to meet the national four emission standards and above the necessary vehicle products.
High-quality car with urea solution, transparent and pure, the color is a touch of blue, the taste is a touch of ammonia.
Such as yellowish color or solution turbidity, or there are impurities in the solution and foreign body, ammonia pungent or tasteless are substandard products, please use caution.
Consider the use of urea Urea is generally used for 5% of the vehicle fuel, that is, 50L of urea solution can travel 3,000 km without filling. At this time the owner often need to carry 5L-20L light portable urea solution, for emergency filling.
Storage should avoid direct sunlight, the temperature is longer than 25 ℃ will cause the decomposition of urea or evaporation of water, causing the vehicle urea solution deterioration, so the storage environment should not be higher than 25 ℃ dark preservation.
If the vehicle urea solution at less than -11 ℃ operation, the need to take insulation measures.
Urea solution solidification when the volume than the liquid will increase by about 7%, so the preservation of low temperature should be set aside enough storage space.
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