Vehicle Urea Production Equipment System Description

The vehicle production equipment consists of premixing system, heat exchange system, primary filtration system, homogeneous system, decolorization system, purification system and regeneration system. Operating mode is the domestic advanced and mature domestic urea production equipment. Into the large-scale industrial production stage.
A) vehicle urea production equipment premix system: the use of uniform system to remove part of the original aldehyde, play a uniform role.
Second, the vehicle urea production equipment heat transfer system (optional): adjust the process requirements of temperature. Need to heat the urea particles, the urea particles more soluble (Party to provide steam).
Three) vehicle urea production equipment, early filtration and decolorization system: the removal of urea suspended solids and other floating impurities, to ensure that the process is not affected. Decolorization system using high-quality activated carbon adsorption decolorization, remove urea and other organic impurities, so that urea solution is more clear.
4) vehicle urea production equipment Fine filtration system: to prevent the activated carbon particles decolorization system into the post-processing process, affecting product quality.
5) vehicle urea production equipment purification system: the use of multi-stage purification tower way to remove urea solution in a variety of ions, biuret, phosphate and other impurities to ensure that products meet the China Automotive Engineering Society technical specifications GB 29518-2013 diesel engine Nitrogen oxide reducing agent urea aqueous solution (AUS 32) standard requirements.
6) Vehicle urea production equipment Micro filtration system: Interception of pipelines, storage tanks, power equipment and other production processes may produce some residual impurities visible to the naked eye to ensure the quality of finished products is stable and reliable.
Seven) vehicle urea production equipment to restore the regeneration system: purification tower in the production process gradually failure, to a certain time after the need to restore the regeneration process, the process takes 6-8 hours. The reuse of the regeneration tower is reduced to the original production process requirements. Each regeneration cycle will produce 2 tons of waste water, waste water does not contain other heavy metals, mainly PH value does not meet the requirements. Adjust the adjustment can meet the environmental emission standards.
8) wastewater treatment system: the regeneration of the waste generated during the process of treatment, to discharge standards. This part of the design of another program, not in this program and offer range. Wastewater treatment process: waste water collection pool → wastewater PH conditioning pool → treatment wastewater discharge pool
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