Use ferrous sulfate to remove excess chromate in cement

At present, our ferrous sulfate manufacturers technical staff survey shows that most of the domestic cement manufacturers in the phenomenon of chromium salt is very serious, we all know, chromium salt is harmful to human health, cement, if the chromate content is too much, (Such as dermatitis, eczema, etc.), sometimes just built the house if you move into the live, then some people will have the phenomenon of dizziness, the use of cement in the process of long-term use of cement will cause allergic phenomena These are caused by the use of cement in the building containing a large amount of hexavalent chromium ions. As early as 03 years, the EU countries set a strict standard limit, chromium salt content of not more than 2PPm, we ferrous sulfate manufacturers technical staff learned that China's cement business in order to have better cement coagulation function, which contains chromium 80% of the acid salt is more than this standard, the content reached 10 ~ 30ppm or higher.
To solve the problem of high hexavalent chromium content in cement, we only need to add trace amounts of ferrous sulfate particles or powder during the production of cement because of the very strong reductive nature of ferrous sulfate in the air. The reduction of hexavalent chromium in the cement into trivalent chromium precipitates in the cement. And the cost of ferrous sulfate is very low, less than 200 / ton of ferrous sulfate and will not give cement because of the removal of hexavalent chromium to increase the cost of too much, we only need to cement magnesium chrome mud production process Plus about 900PPm ferrous sulfate, cement can be reduced in hexavalent chromium to 2ppm, and the reduction performance is quite stable. If it is already produced by the chrome cement, we can still add ferrous sulfate together to mix and use, but also on the chromium salt has a certain role in the removal. I believe that the use of ferrous sulfate will bring health to more people.
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