Use car with urea for the benefits of the car

The most basic function of urea solutions is in the automotive exhaust nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water, energy saving and environmental protection of your vehicle emission standards. Through the thyristor intelligent control system, when the urea solution tank is insufficient, the car will start, in order to ensure that the vehicle moves, should be equipped with enough urea solution.
In addition to selecting different quality solutions for urea, vehicle maintenance is also different. The purity of the selected urea solution is insufficient, with impurities such as particles, heavy metal ions, nozzles, filters and other parts of the vehicle's SCR system causing serious damage and unnecessary economic losses. Low-quality urea solution of the chemical composition is not high, as well as heavy metals and other chemical substances, will make a reaction, the catalyst to reduce the exhaust effect, or even lost. Therefore, the choice of urea solution should try to choose high-quality products to control the maintenance costs of vehicles.

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