The use of ferrous sulfate

Common ferrous sulfate for the seven water green alum and five water green alum, the appearance of green monoclinic crystal or blue monoclinic crystal. Sub-large particles and small particles of two. In addition, on this basis, drying, purification, etc., to produce the corresponding drying ferrous sulfate, drying products for the powder, was light blue or white. Ferrous sulfate is iron salt, is a reductive agent, in the air easily damp, knot, oxidation is yellow.
Ferrous sulfate for industrial use
Ferrous sulfate relative to other sewage treatment agents, with the chemical, the scope of application is more extensive. Ferrous sulfate is only used in a variety of industries, but also in medicine, food and other industries have many applications.
1, medicine
As an iron supplement of iron supplements, mainly ferrous sulfate oral solution, ferrous sulfate particles and other products. As a local astringent. For the production of local convergence injection.
2, agriculture
Large quantities of buried in the soil, used to regulate soil acidity, improved soil. Or as iron fertilizer, applied to soil or potted plants as a plant iron supplement. But also as a pesticide and herbicide, for the treatment of wheat smut and so on.
3, the food industry
As an antioxidant, for food packaging for preservative preservation effect. Or as anti-acid color retention agent, to prevent vegetables because of organic acid and discoloration.
4, sewage treatment
Ferrous sulfate in the sewage treatment can be used as a reducing agent for the reduction of heavy metals in water, decolorization and other pollutants, or together with the combination of hydrogen peroxide Fenton method for treatment of refractory wastewater, as a flocculant in addition to turbidity, decolorization, degreasing, sterilization , Phosphorus removal, removal of organic matter and many other aspects.
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