The relationship between reaction temperature and reaction time and pressure in the production of polyferric sulfate

The relationship between reaction temperature and time
In practice found in the production process temperature after three temperature stages. The whole reaction process is also accompanied by a temperature change process. Three temperature sections were the material configuration temperature, the early rapid reaction temperature, the late stable reaction temperature, the three temperature section showed a ladder. Can effectively adjust the control of good temperature, can effectively control the reaction time. Response time is long, determined by three aspects: First, the material temperature control stage, the second is the configuration of equipment and devices, the third is the operation of technology and experience. Ferrous Sulfate Produces Polyferric Sulfate
Reaction temperature and pressure
Polymeric ferric sulfate preparation process is usually at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, room temperature sealed, heating normal pressure, heating and sealing, heating and pressing, etc., is now commonly used at room temperature and closed air sealed two. As the reaction process of polymerization of ferric sulfate is exothermic reaction process, in the closed reactor, the reaction heat will gradually increase the temperature of the material. The increase in the temperature of the material causes the gas in the chamber to expand (the expansion coefficient of the gas is much larger than the expansion coefficient of the liquid) to form the pressure inside the kettle. Kettle chamber pressure is too large, will result in reduced pressure with the supply pressure, affecting the pipeline feeding speed, reduce the amount of oxidizing gas injection, thus affecting the oxidation rate.
Because the reactor to withstand a certain pressure, involving the safety of pressure vessels. Therefore, in the control of the reactor need to provide manufacturers, including pressure, including technical parameters, and require manufacturers to provide pressure vessel safety performance monitoring and inspection certificate.
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