The advantages of ferric chloride liquid for sewage and sludge

Ferric chloride is a water purifying material that is often used in sewage treatment. Due to the low price of ferric chloride, the effect is very good and is now widely used in various types of sewage treatment. What are the advantages of ferric chloride compared to other sewage treatment agents? Here for everyone to introduce.
(1) The effect of aluminum flocculant on the human nervous system is that the iron system is highly efficient, non-toxic and no secondary pollution flocculant. Therefore, the application of iron flocculant is becoming a hotspot of experts and scholars at home and abroad.
(2) the formation of alum large, more dense, the settlement speed, mud and water separation fast.
(3) not only as a water flocculant, but also can be used as a sludge dewatering agent, can simplify the sewage treatment process.
(4) less sludge than PAC and easy to dehydrate, not only greatly reduce operating costs, but also can be relatively reduced sludge treatment and disposal costs.
(5) liquid iron trichloride easy to use, do not need liquid, with a broad application prospects, a great replacement of traditional PAC trends
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