The Relationship between Oxygen Supply and Oxidation Rate Produced by Polyferric Sulfate

Oxygen supply methods are constant current and constant pressure oxygen supply and constant pressure flow in two ways. Since the reaction process is always accompanied by changes in temperature, there will be two peaks of violent reaction, manifested in the rapid consumption of oxygen. The two intense reaction periods are endothermic, and the pressure inside the kettle is reduced. If you missed the two reaction period, it will extend the ferrous sulfate production of polyferric sulfate reaction time.
Constant current constant pressure there are two ways, one is low-voltage constant current way, usually used in the production of calcium sulfate at room temperature and atmospheric pressure process; the other is the high-pressure constant current way, usually used in the production of ferrous sulfate production of high temperature and high pressure process. Oxygen supply and oxygenation of the different positions will directly affect the oxidation efficiency.
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