Storage of Urea for Vehicles

When adding car urea, we need to pay attention to the storage capacity of urea, the quality and the amount of consumption, usually the use of urea storage tanks can mainly between 30L-100L, and we also need to pay attention to the temperature, packaging and other aspects of storage problems.
In general, in order to prevent contamination of the packaging material on the vehicle urea solution pollution, and then the adverse effects on the SCR, we use the urea in the storage tank when the material used and the vehicle should have good compatibility with urea, must To ensure that the container and the solution does not react chemically, and that there should not be an impurity migration, so our vehicle manufacturers recommend that you use the materials recommended in ISO 22241-3 for storage.
And then in the storage of the time need to pay attention to temperature problems, direct sunlight will cause the vehicle urea solution local overheating, and the temperature is higher than 25 ℃ when the urea will break down or moisture will be issued, and then cause the vehicle urea solution Deterioration, so when the temperature should not be stored above 25 ℃, and pay attention to light preservation. In addition, we need to know is that the urea solution in the solidification after the volume will be about 7% higher than the liquid, so if the low temperature environment for the sale of urea solution when the packaging should leave enough space.
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