Prevention and control of agricultural ferrous sulfate pests and diseases

Agricultural ferrous sulfate can regulate soil pH, promote the formation of chlorophyll (also known as iron fertilizer), can prevent yellow flowers disease caused by iron deficiency. Is acidic flowers, especially iron tree indispensable element. Agriculture can also be used as a pesticide to prevent wheat smut, apples and pears scab, fruit tree rot disease; also be used as a fertilizer to remove the trunk of the moss and lichen.
Prevention and control of pests and diseases Pre-emergence seedlings Per 667 m2 with 15 ~ 18 kg of ferrous sulfate for soil disinfection Prevent stalk rot, early onset with 1% ferrous sulfate solution or 5% fresh lime water clarified liquid buring the broom soil, the effect is more Good; camphor ball of water (5 kg of water into the 4 to 6 tablets of mothballs) around the soil around the seedlings, the prevention and treatment of ground caterpillar pests, combined with the cultivation of artificial killing larvae; with 50% phoxim 01% Leaf pests, to master the larvae of young age better effect; control pouch moths, should be controlled at about 17:00, to be larvae crawling out of the worm capsule medication.
Ferrous sulfate disinfection method: 3% solution treatment of soil, 0.5 kg per square meter liquid medication, can prevent and control needle leaf blight seedling blight;
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