Polymeric Ferric Sulfate (PFS) Chemical Properties

The chemical formula is: [Fe2 (OH) n (SO4) 3-0.5n] m. Dissolved in acid to produce ferric hydroxide colloid, hydrolysis generated after more expensive and multi-core ion.
The role of wastewater treatment is the combination of its physical and chemical properties. The use of its chemical reaction with water, and then use the colloidal substances generated in the water and electricity in the reaction, reduce the potential, so that colloidal particles cohesion, and produce adsorption, bridging and other effects. And then the formation of solid solid sludge under the action of physical gravity sedimentation.
In the sewage treatment, the polymerization of ferric sulfate as a chemical, in the play a chemical role along with the physical effects of sewage treatment with the sewage.

Polymeric ferric sulfate is a polymer, referred to as high polymer. This polymer dissolved in the water will be set up between the colloidal particles in a bridge, forming a network, and in their own settlement process will produce colloidal particles in the water collection, netting effect, to bond into a group, That is what we call alum. In addition, it can also be released in the process of release of a large number of metal iron cations, reduce or eliminate the particles of the ∫ potential, so that particles collide coalescence, so as to achieve the effect of removing suspended particles in water.

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