Introduction of Vehicle Urea Solution

1. Agricultural urea can easily lead to catalyst poisoning can not be replaced
The urea solution is a concentrated urea solution (consisting of 32.5% high purity urea and 67.5% deionized water) for reducing the nitrogen oxides in the tail gas after combustion. Common chemical urea because it contains biuret, mechanical impurities, formaldehyde, metal ions will cause SCR exhaust post-processor catalyst poisoning, resulting in damaged parts. Urea pump repair
2. Add water instead of urea to environmental pollution - the boycott
One of the common practices of cheating in the country is to bypass the OBD monitoring and replace the urea solution with water to ensure that the engine is working properly. Because the country four SCR line of the engine combustion is full, the emission of NOx content is relatively high. NOx and air in the water associated with the conversion of nitric acid is a major cause of acid rain. At the same time, NOx will produce photochemical smog pollution with other pollutants under ultraviolet light.
3. Vehicle selection of urea
Car urea solution in the country, a lot, in accordance with the European name for the "Adblue" solution, and in North America is also known as DEF diesel discharge treatment fluid, domestic also known as diesel engine nitrogen oxides reductant, vehicle denitrification agent. Most diesel vehicle manufacturers tend to use a urea aqueous solution (AUS32) at a concentration of 32.5% as a reducing agent. The concentration of urea directly affects the reduction rate of nitrogen oxides and the crystallization point of the urea solution. Urea pump repair
4. Need to prevent impurities from anti-overflow

Urea solution in the filling process need to try to avoid impurities into the solution and urea tank. General urea solution in the filling when there is a dedicated tube, as long as the opening of urea cans, plug the tube just fine. But there are some people usually do not pay attention to the impurities into the tank, blocking urea tank urea pump. In order to prevent impurities, cleaning SCR must use pure water, not available tap water. Urea is alkaline, copper, cast iron, solder, cast aluminum corrosion is great. Urea filling improperly overflows can contaminate tanks and vehicles.

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