How to identify the bad car with urea and the use of the hazards

Vehicle urea solution in the catalytic reduction reaction is a very fine process, the amount of urea must be injected with the concentration of NOx to match the amount of urea injection is too small, it can not reach the level of treatment , Excessive injection of urea, it will make the excess ammonia into the atmosphere, leading to new pollution. But the incident before, we often are holding the chances to risk, for example, in the purchase of cars with urea on the existence of such a problem.
Domestic heavy truck models need to increase the tail gas treatment system, add urea solution to reduce emissions, but this has not been accepted by all car buyers. In order to reduce the cost of the market often appear to buy cheap urea, cut off OBD detection signal to avoid the practice of non-urea limit power. These practices seem to reduce the cost of car, in fact, there is a big irrational, and even let you spend more money.
Damage to a: Damage to a urea pump
In fact, the standard for the production of urea is limited by 32.5% of high purity urea and 67.5% of deionized water. Some enterprises use ordinary water instead of deionized water in order to reduce production costs. However, the production of urea can not be met Use requirements, are substandard products. The use of non-deionized water in the urea solution also causes excessive impurity content, clogging the filter, urea solution delivery piping and nozzles, reducing the SCR system atomization effect, excessive impurities and even damage the urea pump. The price of urea pump is not cheap, the price close to million, more harm than good.
Damage II: Damage to the urea nozzle
Urea nozzle is located in the exhaust pipe, long-term high temperature environment, and it is working through the vehicle urea solution for the cooling cycle, if the urea solution is not the cooling effect, urea nozzle is also prone to damage.
Damage three: post-processor easily oxidized
State four vehicles using OBD diagnostic system to detect exhaust emissions of nitrogen oxides is exceeded, play a discharge limit to limit the role of vehicle driving power. If you cut off the OBD, do not add urea solution, the post-processor does not work easily oxidized.
Damage four: pollution of the environment
If the SCR system does not work for a long time, the country's four engines in order to reduce the PM emissions adjustment bias full combustion, will also cause nitrogen oxide emissions, causing great impact on the environment.
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