How to Improve the Stability of Ferrous Ions in Ferrous Sulfate

First, humic acid integration:
This is the famous alum fertilizer, in the mid-60s has been very mature. Using this technology, for the first time in the north, citrus, camellia, jasmine and azaleas, originally native to the South, were planted successfully. Because of this invention, the flower in the south really crossed the Yangtze River and crossed the Yellow River to all of China.
The use of organic fertilizer and ferrous sulfate acid fertilizer production, a method is: ferrous sulfate and organic fertilizer raw material ratio is 1: 5. First maturity of raw materials to half-cooked or cooked. This is the most important step. Then add ferrous sulfate. If the ferrous sulphate is mixed with the organic fertilizer from the very beginning, the ferrous sulphate ferrous ions will fail due to the absence of humic acid. What is made of solid acidic organic fertilizer or alum fertilizer water, decomposed organic matter by adding more water when deciding how much.
Second, the use of citric acid + ferrous sulfate solution:
The ferrous sulfate dissolved in citric acid solution, ferrous sulfate in ferrous iron and citric acid to generate ferrous citrate. Because ferrous citrate is an organic acid salt, the degree of dissociation is low. It is mostly in solution in molecular form. As a result, ferrous ion stability is greatly enhanced. In addition, citric acid is a carrier for transporting all metal ions in plants. Citrate can be absorbed directly by plants.
The specific approach is: first formulated 0.05% citric acid solution. In 50 kilograms of water by adding 25 grams of citric acid, dissolved by adding 125g of ferrous sulfate, stir. This produces a solution of 0.25% ferrous sulfate + 0.05% citric acid. This solution is most suitable for foliar spray. Plants absorb quickly and do not cause burns. If you then add 50g of urea, the formation of 0.25% ferrous sulfate + 0.05% citric acid + 0.1% urea composite iron fertilizer, the effect is doubled. If used for irrigation, the amount of ferrous sulfate can be increased to 0.5-1% depending on the plant. The amount of citric acid should also be increased accordingly.
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