Ferrous sulfate in the sewage treatment industry has an important position

With the ferrous sulphate products in recent years, in-depth study found that ferrous sulphate in many industries have some indispensable role, especially in the sewage treatment industry has a very important position, generally in the sewage treatment industry ferrous sulfate Used as a reducing agent and flocculant, or with the use of other flocculants and adjust the ph value of sewage.

Ferrous sulfate manufacturers through our technical staff found that ferrous sulfate has a more desirable reduction, can be used in the sewage treatment link as a reducing agent. Ferrous sulfate can be used to reduce its electroplating plant chromium water chromium content of chromium water reduced to trivalent chromium, instead of expensive sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sulfur dioxide and so on. Advantage is not toxic carcinogenic irritant gas, low price. In the sewage treatment industry, the most extensive use of ferrous sulfate as a flocculant, it has the following advantages as a flocculant: sedimentation speed, sludge particles, small size and compact sludge, in addition to color effect is good (very suitable for printing and dyeing, Washing and other textile wastewater treatment), non-toxic and beneficial biological growth (very suitable for use in the subsequent biochemical treatment process of sewage treatment system), without changing the original process, low prices. At the same time we found that ferrous sulfate and sulfide, phosphate and other precipitates, thereby removing sulfide, phosphate, with the ferrous sulphate characteristics continue to be known ferrous sulfate will also be widely used in other industry.

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