Ferrous sulfate effect and use

Water can be used as a water in the industry, can be used for water flocculation purification, as well as from urban and industrial wastewater to remove phosphate to prevent water eutrophication, once the water there is such a situation, plants and plants will A large number of growth, which will not only make the water in the water shortage, resulting in fish and other aquatic organisms because of hypoxia and a large number of deaths, but also affect the water quality, resulting in water pollution, etc., seriously affecting the ecological environment.
Ferrous sulfate, I believe many people know that it is a good fertilizer in fruits and vegetables and potted plants can help add trees or potted iron, in addition to can be used as a good fertilizer, but also can be used in industrial and other production areas, If you want to know more about the specifics, please call us or call us directly.
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