Ferrous Sulfate manufacturers teach you to determine the ferrous sulphate color

In recent years, with the ferrous sulfate in the water purification industry has been widely used in agriculture, ferrous sulfate gradually more and more people are familiar with ferrous sulphate, although we are more common substance, but many customers are wondering why Ferrous sulfate products to see the color will be different, in the end what color is the true color of ferrous sulfate it? In fact, the type of ferrous sulphate products are generally divided into ferrous sulfate heptahydrate and anhydrous ferrous sulfate. When the ferrous sulfate containing large amounts of water molecules when the color of the performance of blue-green crystalline particles, known as the seven water ferrous sulfate, ferrous sulfate products through the drying molecules in the water molecules are removed when the performance of white crystals Particles, known as anhydrous ferrous sulfate.
    At present, the common ferrous sulphate products on the market are solid. Some sewage treatment plants due to wastewater treatment process constraints, the need to configure the liquid ferrous sulfate and then wastewater treatment. What does ferrous sulfate dilute into a solution? Ferrous sulfate products are configured into liquid late-stage chemical properties are very unstable, so the ferrous sulfate solution is basically used now with, because the ferrous ions and oxygen ions in water oxidation reaction after the reaction of ferrous iron Become ferric iron, so that the green ferrous ions into a yellow trivalent iron ions, so the configuration of the ferrous sulfate solution is more likely to be yellow liquid, so we recommend the preparation of ferrous sulfate manufacturers good Ferrous sulfate solution should be used in a timely manner.
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