Factors affecting the shelf life of polyferric sulfate

1, the product itself quality factor. The stability of liquid polyferric sulfate is mainly affected by the main salt base, the lower the lower the salt stability, the better. In the other conditions remain unchanged, the higher the product content, the higher the salt level. But in production, the content is not the only factor affecting the degree of salt. Liquid PFS content of 11 to 13%, salt degree is generally 8 to 16.
2, storage environment. The warranty period marked on the product refers to the storage period in a certain environment. This product storage requirements dry, cool, ventilated place. Therefore, sun and rain and other storage factors change is the biggest factor in the impact of PFS stability.
In addition, the packaging of products, the presence of other pharmaceutical agents and other factors are likely to shorten its storage period. For solid products, it is recommended to match the use of, not recommended to dissolve after the water for a long time.
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