Development of Urea for Vehicles

The diesel engine has a higher fuel efficiency than its gasoline engine with its high compression ratio and is widely used in vans because of its good fuel economy, power and durability. Diesel cars HC, CO, CO2 emissions than gasoline vehicles, and can be used as biodiesel and other new energy the best use of the platform, so diesel engine application prospects are very good. Vehicle urea solution
NOx can form toxic photochemical smog and corrosive acid rain, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides is the main cause of acid rain, the current acid rain prevention and control situation is more severe, and nitrogen oxides is the focus of this stage of prevention and control The PM (particulate matter) on the human respiratory system has a great harm, can cause chronic lung disease or cancer. Vehicle urea solution
According to the development experience of the developed industry in the automobile industry, there are two main post-treatment technology routes: one is the EGR + DPF / DOC (exhaust gas recirculation system + particle trap / oxidized catalytic converter) The exhaust gas recirculation reduces the amount of NOx generated during the combustion process, and then collects a slight increase in particulate matter due to EGR technology through the particle trap, and periodically regenerates the particle trap using an oxidative catalytic converter; the second is the optimized combustion + SCR route, that is, by optimizing the combustion to reduce particulate emissions, while allowing the amount of NOx generated increased, and then through the selective catalytic reduction technology to reduce the combustion caused by the resulting NOx emissions, so as to reduce the NOx and PM effect. Vehicle urea solution
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