Common Ferrous Sulfate Production Process

Generally more common is: sulfuric acid method: the iron dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid and the mother liquor mixture, the control reaction temperature below 80 ℃, or precipitation of ferrous sulfate precipitation of monohydrate. Reaction of ferrous sulfate solution produced by the slightly acidic to remove impurities impurities, and then cooling, centrifugal separation was light green ferrous sulfate; followed by the production of titanium powder by-product method: ilmenite sulfuric acid decomposition of titanium dioxide, the formation of sulfuric acid Ferrous and ferric sulfate, trivalent iron with iron wire reduced to ferrous iron. By freezing crystallization can be obtained by-product ferrous sulfate.

More complex process is: with 400 copies of 70 ~ 80 ° C distilled water dissolved 200 copies of industrial ferrous sulfate, in the hot solution by adding a small amount of silver sulfate, steam boiling to remove Cl -. Cl - content of qualified solution cooling, adjusting ph = 5 ~ 6, hydrogen sulfide, so Zn 2+, Cu 2+ plasma content qualified. Then filtered, the filtrate must be clear. To the filtrate through the steam boil 1h, to be completely precipitated after filtration, the filtrate with chemically pure sulfuric acid adjusted ph = 1 ~ 2, the evaporation concentration to 38 ~ 40 ℃, hot filter, the filtrate and then chemical sulfuric acid ph, Cooling crystallization, drying, and finally ferrous sulfate products to dry to easy preservation. These are the more common ferrous sulfate products of several production processes, the production process of several ferrous sulphate product quality almost no gap so we buy ferrous sulphate products do not have to care about ferrous sulphate product production process.

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