Car with urea

Vehicle Urea is a must for heavy duty diesel vehicles to meet the national four emission standards. Automotive urea is a urea aqueous solution, the concentration of 32.5%, the solvent for the ultra-pure water, raw materials for urea special raw materials and ultra-pure water. Heavy trucks, buses and other diesel vehicles to achieve four emission standards, it is necessary in the tail gas treatment system to select the appropriate SCR, and the system must use urea to solve the exhaust nox. Therefore, the vehicle's urea solution is a necessary product for heavy duty trucks and buses to meet the national four emission standards. SCR is the best choice for China's emission reduction. At present, the current domestic diesel standard gb19147 - 2009 requires sulfur content of 350ppm, and ecr - doc requires less than 10ppm oil content, so there is no promotion in China conditions. SCR can withstand 350ppm of sulfur-containing oil, so there is a technical basis for the promotion. Four engine fuel economy due to SCR technology than EGR kingdom, engine change is small, fuel and oil requirements are lower, the advantages of technical upgrade continuity, SCR, good durability and no catalyst clogging risk, so , SCR technology is the most suitable for heavy diesel emission reduction technology on China's national conditions. Urea concentration of 32.5%, with ultra-pure water solvent, urea production of special raw materials and ultra-pure water. The key is the purity of the raw material. From the production process, although the use of urea on the raw material purity requirements higher than the general industrial requirements, but the current domestic technology has been able to meet the practical application needs. Car urea production process is not enough to constitute a high threshold.
1, urea can not contact the metal or alloy: copper, bronze, lead, zinc, aluminum, aluminum, magnesium, magnesium alloy, welding (lead), tin; metal is very corrosive.
2, urea solution on the respiratory tract have a certain stimulus.
3, if you accidentally enter the eyes, rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, and then in the rinse when the eyes wide open.
4, if exposed to clothes or skin, with mild soap and plenty of water to clean the skin. If symptoms persist, please seek medical attention.
5, to avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Effect of vehicle Urea: Recovery of nitrogen oxides from tail gas. The urea solution is a transparent, colorless, transparent urea liquid with a concentration between 31.8 and 33.2% and currently uses 32.5% high purity urea solution and 67.5% deionized water. Urea solution is the key to reduce the emissions of diesel vehicle pollutants. The urea solution of the vehicle is a urea-based chemical that is mixed with high purity urea and ionized ions at a concentration of 32.5% of the solution concentration. The vehicle used in the urea solution for the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system is the engine exhaust and the above national IV emission standards. Knowledge point: In Europe, the urea solution in the car is called urea. It is known as North America for the first time, it is called urea solution for cars or "car NOx". But now it is often called "use". Why urea solution: mainly diesel vehicles, the purpose is to use urea (urea nitrogen-3) and nitrogen and nitrogen dioxide emissions of toxic nitrogen oxides (+2 + 4 nitrogen), redox reaction and release of toxic nitrogen, Discharge, exhaust pipe.
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