Car with urea

The scientific name of the car is diesel engine exhaust gas treatment. Used in diesel engines. It is a liquid used in SCR technology that is used to reduce nitrogen oxide contamination in diesel exhaust. Its composition is 32.5% high purity urea and 67.5% deionized water. As the environmental protection departments of various countries propose to further reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides from diesel emissions. China commonly known as the European standard IV.
Engine manufacturers began to use SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology selective catalytic reduction technology) to meet the requirements of environmental protection departments. Diesel engine exhaust treatment (domestic commonly known as: automotive urea, automotive urea, automotive environmental protection urea), SCR technology must be used in the consumables. The SCR system includes a urea tank (loading diesel engine tail gas treatment solution), SCR catalytic reaction tank. SCR system is running: When found in the exhaust pipe nitrogen oxides, the urea tank automatically ejected the diesel engine exhaust gas treatment solution, diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid and nitrogen oxides in the SCR catalytic reaction tank oxidation reaction occurs, Contaminated nitrogen and water vapor.
If the diesel engine exhaust gas is not loaded, or if the purity is not enough, or the quality is fake, the vehicle engine will decelerate automatically. At the same time, the quality of shoddy diesel engine exhaust gas will pollute the catalyst in the SCR catalytic reaction tank, causing serious consequences.

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