After the addition of ferrous sulfate, the water quality of the wastewater is blackened

As the ferrous sulfate is reducible, it can be used in the treatment of waste water to reduce the decolorization, but also with coagulation, can be used to remove water and other substances in the water, with the use of hydrogen peroxide with strong oxidation can be used to deal with some difficult to deal with Waste water. However, in the decontamination of waste water there have been, after adding ferrous sulfate water quality black, which in the end is how is it?
Ferrous sulfate itself is blue and green, dissolved water solution is light blue or light green, when the water ferrous iron too much, it is easy to be oxidized to iron ions show yellow. In other words, after the drop of water quality is not showing the drug ferrous sulfate bleach its own color.
Secondly, we also know that it is used to deal with what waste water, the original waste water did not show black, but there is any reaction with the composition of black material. For example, vulcanized printing and dyeing wastewater with the reaction and easy to produce ferrous sulfide, and this material is black, and smaller size, lighter quality, it is easy to suspend in the water, especially in the aeration tank.

In the aeration process due to the impact of biochemical biochemistry formed by the iron oxide will be black phenomenon, lack of aeration caused by hypoxia may also form a waste water black. This makes the overall water quality black.

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